Biography & Career
Starting at a very early age, Jeffery A. Taylor began his understanding
and passion of the arts. Recalling from his Mother at  the age of 3
drawing the pet bird in a high-chair. From that point on there was no
question about how the arts would influence the rest of his life.

By the age of 10, Jeffery was designing cars and houses with a
drawing board that his Father bought him. This was probably the best
gift that any parent could have ever bought for a young artist. This was
to be the start of things to come

In his junior high years attending Stevenson Jr High in Westland, his
art teacher saw a promise in his work. He then entered Jeffery's work
in several local art contests through Wayne county. His artwork won
him Gold Key Awards in almost every contest.
He continued this creative edge attending John Glenn High school in Westland.
Where learning consisted of designing cars, aircraft, spacecraft, building model
homes, model spacecraft and various other creations. His talents required more
challenging aspects in the arts. Therefore after graduating in 1981, he attended the
Center For Creative Studies in Detroit.

Working through the Industrial and Automotive Design programs, and now
completing his BFA degree. Jeffery started right into the business world in 1986.
Those were challenging times in the job market but he persevered and obtained a
job as a Assistant Production Director and Assistant Engineer at MicroCraft in Novi

The company designed and built various electronic mirror switches and electrical
components for all automotive manufactures. Using his talents and skills, Jeffery
significantly helped to reduce the scrap rate and increased volume and profits.
Jeffery continued along his career path, moving to companies such
as AM General in Livonia, Michigan. Working in the defense industry
as a Project Leader, Coordinator and Graphic Designer & Illustrator.
He then went on to work briefly at Ford Motor Company in the same
support however, opportunities continued to arise.

After  a sincere networking attempt to work for the Space Agency.
He received a vacancy announcement from The National
Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a Graphic
Designer at Moffiet Field California. Which is now the Ames
Research Facility, located East of Oakland.

At that same time he was also tapped by Detroit Diesel Corporation
in Detroit, Michigan. DDC had just been purchased by Roger
Penske. DDC in the midst of restructuring the company was looking
for Graphic Designers & Illustrators to facilitate their ILS/STS
contracts with the Government.
Staying in the automotive & industrial design areas working for various Advertising and Marketing agencies throughout Metro Detroit.
Being heavily involved in the Aftermarket, Publications, Design and Illustrations. His career  placed him in a Directors role managing
daily business activities creating new business and exceeding expectations in every endeavor he's been given. Today being placed as
a Graphic Design Specialist at MAD Creative Concepts.

Jeffery also continues to work with youths in the arts. Mentoring and exercising their talents for their futures. Jeffery may also be
venturing into providing classes for all ages in the arts.
Jeffery agreed to accept the position at DDC. Working not only on the military side, but also on the commercial side. Supporting
concept design, and illustrations for Series 60, 50, 55, 2 cycle and the MTU product line. Also managed production line assembly
instructions drawings (AIDS). He soon became a project leader at DDC in the Penske organization.  
Jeffery and one of his art teacher mentors - 1977
Working for Roger Penske as an Art Director  - 1988 - 1998
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Member of the CCS Alumni Committee Since 1986
Center for Creative Studies, College of Art & Design-
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Member of the Illustrator's Partnership
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