JAT Design Studios Established in 1981 as a freelance design support to the Automotive,
Defense, Diesel Engines, Aerospace, Marine, Aftermarket, Theatrical, Retail, Political
Campaigns, TV and Movie industries. Hybrid ideas not production line designs. Working in all
facets of Design, Illustration, Print Ad's, Social Media Graphics, eLearning/WBT courses,  
Photography, Photo Retouching, and Concept Design.

Results driven in all aspects of illustration, design and marketing, delivering to you, and your
clients only the best in quality and in workmanship. Demanding excellence in every project and
nothing less.

From concept to production the vision of bringing creativity and imagination to life is an
everyday process. Welcoming any challenges that your team may have always geared in
bringing to life that which does not exist.

Please explore my studio portfolios to learn more about what I can offer to your team!
Where creativity and imagination come to life!

Jeffery A. Taylor
Senior Graphic Designer & Illustration Specialist | 734.730.9161
Recent Design Project
Member of the CCS Alumni Committee Since 1986
Center for Creative Studies, College of Art & Design-
Detroit, Michigan
Member of the Illustrator's Partnership
of America, since 2007
Working with the WEC Institute of Ann Arbor, I designed and
concepted this "Steampunk" motorcycle design. Created to run
on almost any type of fuel.

Scheduled for prototype production in 2018.

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