Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace & Defense graphics require "clear and concise"
documentation and graphics when out in the field to maintain and repair
their equipment and vehicles. Whether information is  hardcopy or ETM's
the procedures and graphics have to be defined in a timely manner.
Accuracy in every repair must be met, keeping in mind that our
warfighters may be under fire at any time.

As a graphic design specialist having over 27 years experience in
aerospace & defense graphics, delivering "high volume" illustrations,
including knowledge of all current Mil-Specs and TACOM LCMC
standards. With the various levels of publications required at every
grade level, we cover illustrations for them all:

- TM 10, Operator's Guide Illustrations
- TM 20, Field and Technical Manual Illustration Graphics
- TM 34 (TM 34&P) RPSTL Illustration Graphics
- DMWR Illustration Graphics
- NMWR Illustration Graphics
- Sustainment Manual Illustration Graphics
- Technical Bulletin Graphics
- 2028 Graphics
- All Vehicle, Engine and Equipment Manual Illustration Graphics
- ETM & IETM Illustration Graphics
- ILS/STS Graphics
- Conceptual aircraft & military vehicle designs

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Conceptual Combat Military Vehicles
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Defense Graphics
ETM & IETM Illustrations
Defense Graphics
Combat Military "TANKCAR"
Amphibious Aircraft Tank
Carrier Concept. Accomodates  
8 Bradley Tanks or 15 HWMMV
& MRAP vehicles for
Aerospace Graphics
Repair Parts Catalog                             
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