Web Based
Design & Development Courses
Elearning lends itself to every industry (from automotive, defense,
aerospace, retail, financial to healthcare) and every type of training
(from compliance to technical to manufacturing to systems),
especially with the application of technology (gamification,
simulations, personalization, social elements).

These days "Web Based Training" or "Online training" is essential
to every business brining in new recruits. Many training courses
have surpassed their limits and with technology changing daily it
seems, many are in need of being "Repurposed."

Web-based training (sometimes called e-learning) is anywhere,
any-time instruction delivered over the Internet or a corporate
intranet to browser-equipped learners.


- Development of new WBT/eLearning courses, SCORM

Repurpose & Rebuild outdated WBT/Online courses to current
HTML5 platform.

Audio recording of "Voice Overs" and audio stitching of
captured tracks to MP3, MP4 formats and all others.

Image captures and edits, from previous course supplements.
Including development of new graphics, vector or raster based and
new photos to support content matter.

Video capturing and edits, adjust timing and splicing.

Global translation support.

Development of Quizzes and Final Exam testing.

Team structure and management to support "High Volume" and
tight deadlines.

Remote or onsite service.
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